Saturday, June 02, 2012

Along Your Shores

Along Your Shores

Go boldly, into the dawn.
Let no man hold you down,
When your waters would flow,
When your tides would recede.
Sad isn't it, I still mourn ?
The last sight of flowing gown,
That held my gaze, never to show,
When all my joy becomes believed.

Walking wildly, splashing, feeling reborn,
Kicking up a froth I act the clown.
I came to tell you did you know ?
Without your grace, I'll live in need.
Crashing waves of fear are born,
Without a hand to hold my frown.
All the pity I've known will go,
Unless I hold you and sate my greed.

Rays of golden sunshine scorn,
Everything I've done, within this town.
Fishermen in boats sail to and fro,
Follow where your wind will blow.
The silence is broken, wailing horn,
Under your catastrophe, men will drown.
Aching from the decks, rising below,
Braver men also freely weep and bleed.

Then comes the wave untorn,
Stripping all things and breaking down.
Catapulted all o'er laughing brow,
On a face unable to hold a frown.
Caught by surprise, at you Dawn,
You hold my attentions, accede renown.
Daily you are the greatest gift to know,
I walk your shores to fill my need.