Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Policy of Truth

Policy of Truth

You would always guess,
Or sense my deviousness at work,
So I shall not tell again,
No more I'll use the lie.

Destroyed in but a moment,
The years of trust we'd built.
A fool by no other name,
Has learned to be this way.

What good can come from blasphemy,
Or the crooked word of mouth ?
I won't carry on this fallacy,
To watch your smile go south.

I've watched that disappointment,
Destroy your crystal blue eyes,
And what acknowledgement did I get,
For spinning you a pack of lies ?

Twill be by my own undoing,
If I kept to this wickedness.
That you would smile for no-one,
And my life unfold into a mess.

Forgive me if your heart desires,
To allow me another chance.
The truth I see so clearly,
As those lies would kill the dance.

Some people say that honesty,
Is really the best policy.
Now I understand with clarity,
Honesty is, the only policy.

If I and others knew it too
No-one would suffer from the truth.
Just watch your lives become a tragedy,
If you'd need more simple proof.