Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life is Love

       Life is Love

Life is love,
And we are the means
By which love is realised.!

Who could have thought
The very kindness we display,
Would be the evidence of love,
Revealed in a unique moment?

No other reason could there be,
Than this truth that talks
Joyously on the souls of people,
Those disposed to pay attention.

For on the rooftops sit angels,
Guardians of the beautiful way,
The directors of love and peace,
To fill our world with light.

Life is love,
And we are the evidence
That prove it has a value.

Would it be worse,
To believe that love has expired?
A vacuum left ‘pon the earth,
Where evil could reign over.

Do not be still afraid,
For love is an eternal law,
Everything moves, because of it,
Only IT can show hate the door.!