Sunday, May 29, 2016

Oh for a Son!

     Oh for a Son!

By the strength of Odin
It may be yet saved,
Fierce and wild have been
The battles I have faced.
But I’m still calling,
Waiting on a child,
The courage of a warrior,
And the wisdom of a sage.
Tell me oh mysterious time,
When will this gift,
Finally be mine,
And shall I know divine?

How are the cards
Stacked against my favour?
Is it the reward of
Disgraces of my past,
Or is it really more,
I failed another that you’d asked?
Oh mighty universal intention,
When will I discover,
The use of your invention?
Aching breast, heavy in woe,
Struggling to live at peace,
With what I’ll never know.

Have I not been tested,
Past the breaking point?
Could I not be allowed,
A son I could anoint?
Sins of the father,
Paid still by the son,
Was not my honour worthy
Enough to act upon?
Pain is in my waiting,
The bane of all mankind,
Wondering of what is real,
And what is still to find.

Legacy to what is good,
Pure and right and true,
Bless me father once again,
This seed would err bless you.
Hope on men be wasted,
If glory filled my soul,
The heir to my good fortune,
Should carry on this role.
Filling earth with peace and love,
And sharing loving kindness,
A son who shone the light of love,
Could rid this world of blindness…!