Saturday, April 09, 2016

Undoing Conventions

Undoing Conventions

Does it get any clearer,
For the rules well follow blindly?
Have we come to solve,
All the problems that serve not kindly?

So why not stop conforming,
To the ways set down by others?
Why should we just obey laws,
Rules or anything else that smothers?

Will your life be sweeter
If all you do is follow orders?
What is so wrong with anarchy,
Could it be worse than what lies before us?

Free your minds, believe,
We could make a better day.
Be the challenge of convention,
It doesnt always have to be this way.

In our hands is power,
To break the chains of devotion.
With us rests the obligation,
To breathe the love and peace we set in motion.

Dont follow blindly madness,
It is what has brought us here.
Fight against the tragedy,
Of all people whod live in constant fear.

Break down the rule of tyranny,
That proclaims it serves us one and all.
Challenge every demand of them,
Or in compliance your freedoms will fall.

Bring something new to bear,
Clear out the overtly oppressive tyranny.
Show the system your novelty,
And be the change we wish to see.

Build for love, show respect,
But dont let them grind you down.
Within your acts of non-compliance is,
The sea of love in which theyll drown !