Saturday, April 09, 2016

My Goal is a Golden Goose.

My Goal is a Golden Goose.

Holed, old,
Seriously untold,
Definitively the option bold.
Crisp, clean,
Nothing hidden, unseen,
Definitely appealing in my dream.

Holding, keeping,
Lover still sleeping,
Her love touches me, weeping.
Passion, peace,
Tender the release,
Something to believe, never cease.

Forgive, me,
Beauty I see,
That has begun to set me free.
Heart, beating,
Smiles not fleeting,
Since that day, a precious meeting.

Thinking, more,
Je t’adore,
Your arrival, creating a furore.
I, choose,
Nothing to lose,
You didn’t say no, refuse.

Valid treasure,
Always a pleasure,
I’d acknowledged, your true measure.
Love heard,
My every word,
Just look now, what has occurred.

Beautiful, time,
Such reason, rhyme,
Since you said, you’d be mine.
Becoming loose,
Imbibing the juice,
My goal is, a golden goose!