Monday, October 14, 2013

Could we conquer love?

Could we conquer love?

When the lines were drawn,
Were we even conscious?
Did we realise the cause,
Of what we'd be fighting for?

I feel sure we slept,
Awaiting the rousing war cry!!!
Something ethereal and pure,
A moment of utter joy.

Fighting is not ours to do,
Yet we could win the day.
All it takes is honesty,
Then love shall walk our way.

Better is the light of now,
Than all that's gone before.
Worry not for our rewards,
Let's be as children again.

Unfettered by the shackles,
Of everything we're told.
Come my darling, shout aloud,
Of love, before we're old.

Time has not a hostage,
Made of you and I.
Come to see under my way,
I'm loving you steadfastly.

Captive to the high salute,
We know a day in love.
Finding all we'd wanted there,
And more besides as well.

Help me conquer abandonment,
And stay with me tonight.
Share your spirit forever free,
Know joy of what feels right...