Tuesday, October 08, 2013

I Return To You.

I Return To You.

On turning the corner,
I am wandering aimlessly near,
Wondering will I see you here,
Will this love yet queer?

For in the twinkling,
Of your soulful eyes, lies, well,
What of it can I tell,
They burn hotter than fiery hell.

Goblin knew a force,
Of the temptations yet to see,
When you fell, beaten fatefully,
Reclining sated next to me.

Talking in open air,
I can smell the lilacs in hair,
Speaking secrets only I would dare,
Of forever that we'll share.

Castles in the air,
Bring sensations of a holy light,
Where loving you is all that's right,
My sword sullen no more to fight.

Sounds of silence cover,
Darkness becomes a precious shroud,
Star-fields show me how I'm proud,
When my lover screams aloud.

Moved by natures force,
We lose some consciousness of course,
And we're thrown beyond our source,
Before desire knows sweet divorce.

I return to you,
For it's my wish to overthrow,
All the doubts I'd ever know,
And make this true love grow.