Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More than one!

More than one!

In the stream of time,
a sand of desert came.
Pushed the battle for life,
far out, far off into space.

Rich fountains of life,
sprang into the patient air.
Loving us both equally,
yet taking only you there.

I believed once, of you,
that I'd found my 'one'.
Teased by the fire of light,
a love shared with fun.

So sorry to leave you,
for a day of deep despair.
Lost in grief and sadness,
missing touches of your hair.

Inspiration could have won,
where creativity lost its power.
Somehow you'd been my life,
and beheld my finest hour.

Random chance now bring desire,
I sense another drawing near.
Guilt is holding back belief,
of how I'd make another dear.

I look around this field of corn,
where light has rushed upon me.
Knowing what it means to love,
and how my soul flies free.

Sore the pain of losing hope,
and betting love upon another.
Yet life goes on despite my loss,
for I crave her as my lover...

A word form the author:

When a relationship dies, this is not the end of LOVE, it is the beginning of a new opportunity to love and be loved in return. Stay alert and come to know love again.