Monday, October 14, 2013

The Fear of Falling for You.

The Fear of Falling for You.

Thudding in my head,
Says all I need to do,
Is call your name aloud,
And some kind of magic,
Will touch me, by you.

Hammering heart flooding desire,
All the day competing here,
Finding excuses to wonder,
How lovely it would feel,
To always have you near.

Palpitating my skin responds,
To how wonderfully you smile,
The way your eyes glow,
And what happens deeper within,
When time we shared awhile.

Banging out upon my ears,
Are all the beautiful sounds,
Being close in your sweet heart,
Do ring forever peacefully,
And my mind spins round and rounds.

Stumbling for words to say,
That show no ill intent,
Because I crave you wantonly,
In body, mind, heart and soul,
And know just what is meant.

Falling swiftly as the rock,
I'm stoned in love with you,
To rest my head upon your breast,
And feel the peace contentedly,
Is all I want to do...