Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Conflict of Ideals.

       Conflict of Ideals.

Justice for all,
Spoils for the rich.
In an infinite world,
I guess this works.
But how can we,
All have equality,
Of resources, of wealth,
In a finite world?

Don't be a fool,
It just doesn't work.
Realise the mechanics,
Is geared towards they.
Rise out of poverty,
would bankrupt the elite.
So many Mercedes,
On dusty old tracks.

A day of Utopia,
Could open our eyes,
Benefiting both rich and poor,
Don't we yet realise?
Feed every nation,
Fruits of the earth.
Simple acts of sharing,
Putting joy in our eyes.

The wealth nestled here,
Belongs to us all.
No-one owns what was given,
From the soul of the world.
What shall be our legacy,
To share with the young?
Give peace love and kindness,
Or our world comes undone....!