Friday, March 03, 2017

Holding back these years.

          Holding back these years.

So much is,
The weight of a pressure,
The caring, the sharing,
A home full of laughter.
One fine day,
All of these combinations,
Breathed a new space,
In which our love could grow.

I’m just me,
A silly old sod who cares,
It may be, too much,
But it’s the way that I am.
I could not,
For-see to be fair to you,
Just how wonderful this
Feeling will, can and should have been.

You’re just you,
The angel of the south,
Part of the new unfolding,
Of a life beyond the stars.
So much pressure,
To save me from myself,
Help me to expand the dream,
Where the years gone, be gone…

So much time,
Holding back these years,
A way to escape the fear,
Of what this all could mean.
One new day,
Has arrived to be with you,
Find, build and enjoy this magic,
Giving me a love forever true…!