Friday, September 16, 2016

Whirlwinds of Romance

Whirlwinds of Romance

Where once a storm blew in,
The tumbleweed rolled on bye,
But on this eve of heaven,
You came in and stole my eye.

Nothing had prepared me for
The whirlwind that confronted me,
The energy of wanting someone,
Who’s too beautiful not to see…

Frightened by the force of nature,
Wrapped up in denim and soft cotton,
You may have not guessed at all,
That this tempting image, shall not be forgotten.

Though I barely know a clue,
Of what being with you would share,
I cannot help falling in,
To a vacuum without a single care.

Eyes that thirst for pleasure,
Are calling me to jump right in,
Who on earth could stop me,
From wanting the romantic whirlwind to begin?

As god shall be my witness,
You’re the perfect girl for me,
Filling me with love to share,
And be the change I wish to be.