Friday, September 16, 2016

Is time a friend?

Is time a friend?

They say, old father time,
He waits for no man,
She reveals only the wanting,
When all hope runs out,
And the gulf widens
To swallow even the mighty.

Vacuum of abundance,
The void we cannot fill,
Time stands still for no-one,
As it marches boldly ever on.
Someday we will realise,
It cares not for anyone.

Shortage in the mornings,
And as eventime brings day to close,
Could we ever have achieved more,
Before we laid down
In our lines and orderly rows?

Friendship would come to signify,
That we’d earn another fate,
Building a bridge into mystery,
And less exiting of that gate,
The place we all come to,
When time dictates our final fate.

Do not be disregarding he,
The majesty is always king,
Familiar sounds of life in love,
Would cause my heart to sing,
And on the carpet of desire,
Is where you’ll wear my ring.