Friday, September 16, 2016

And So!

       And So!

The end is near,
I’ll say it loud,
I’ll say it clearly.
Life has been amazing,
Helping to fill my heart,
And my senses with love.

So much irony,
In the time I’d had to learn,
All the pain that brought me down,
Now becomes the gift I’ll burn.
Joy, such joy and peace,
Coming now to occupy
The places of my mind,
As the darkness falls,
As the fading light absolves me.

Regrets, I’ve had a few.
But now I know,
Just how they helped me.
Before, before the light,
I hadn’t seen,
Just what your love, your love
Could show me…

And still…
Before I close, before the fire,
Believe I’ve lived my truth,
And it was refining.
Honour, to what is right,
Has been my rock,
Had been the reason,
And so,
I did it my way..!

 Nothing like a bit of anarchy to get the energy levels up.