Friday, September 16, 2016

As I see things !

As I see things !

My heart is racing,
I cannot sleep, is this insomnia
Or is it love?
Madness fuelled by passion,
Stirred by the message
You’ve baited me with.
I doubt you knew,
Or even really believed
What this would do to me.
Someone like you,
Yes someone called you
Has ignited the fire.
The days are surely blessed,
When all I want is you,
Now all I feel is you.

In the middle of the night,
My eyes won’t settle,
You’re in my head.
Damn you sweetness,
Oppress me with your creed,
Take everything you need.
It’s going to be too late
For me to let it be,
When your light is all I see.
Waking restlessly, sweating,
Is this normal, is this true?
Tender tantalising and teasing.
You surely had a clue,
What your message could do,
Didn’t you darling, didn’t you?

The burden of love,
Sometimes is too much to hold,
But for it I’d gladly die.
To be in it’s light,
To be captivated by it’s power,
I have no regrets at all.
And in this quiet hour,
Tongue dry, throat parched,
My every sense becomes alive.
Could you have seen,
How quickly I’d feel the dream,
And fall into despair?
Oh for love I’m happy,
Despair is simply just a lie,
It’s for loving you that I’d die.

Here in this moment,
At the dawning of the day,
I have dared to love you.
Dared because I want you,
Despite knowing precious little
Of how you also feel.
I know not is this foolishness,
Or just romantic yearning stirring,
Nor somehow do I care...
Because of you
The light returns to burning bright,
I want to hold you in my arms.
Darling how I want you all,
This pain is growing, nothing small,
And all I want is you!

So once again I’m falling,
Because love won’t be defeated,
Because it brought me you.
How I see this going,
Is not in my hands to know,
Nor do I have to fear.
Because love has always cared,
And filled me with its’ power,
Especially as it woke me now.
Reminding me it has no end,
And searches out to feed my hope,
Then angels it does send.
This may not be final,
But it sure feels that way,
Here, now, and you, as I see things!