Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The first time?

     The first time?

Suppose the heavens
Had themselves created a dream.
One full of promise,
Something yet more astounding,
Than the walls of love surrounding.

Then we'd know
How truly amazing be she.
An angel from love,
Given for to save all mankind,
A finer gift we'd never find.

Built with promise
To be the messenger of love.
Searching out truest
The responsive and the very brave,
For no other souls could she save.

She came upon
One of kindred spirit on earth.
See her face shine,
As once it had in heavens throne,
Here she'd believe she found a home.

As twin spirits
Or as great lovers be reunited.
The power of love,
Wouldst yet prove this to glorify,
Here from my vantage, I do spy.

So long ago
Upon an ethereal plane below,
We were as one.
Sharing more than just the love,
More than beauty from up above.

I simply remember
How the light had been back then.
Where we had known
So much more of life than pain,
Before on earthly plane we came.

Recognising a heart
Full of the promises to bear fruit.
A long distant echo
Now resonates again before my eyes,
Hearing the message that never dies.

Peaceful is Miranda
Joined again with one she knew.
Fallen here from heaven
To fulfil the destiny supremely made,
Where in her heart and arms I laid....

Miranda x