Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Angel 'A' Class.

Angel 'A' Class.

She, the promise of my soul,
Walked in and took me,
Body and spirit,
To a place of honesty.
Called down from the heights,
To spare my life
From the hopelessness and rain,
She smiled.

Gushing forth the love of life,
Founded on a purity,
Surrendered at will,
On the mantle of my desire.
Deliverance from the evil come,
I've known how now,
She can fill, breathe me purpose
Of abundance.

Choral raiment flows unto me,
Light so bright I'm bedazzled,
Heart and soul,
For this luminary graceful vision.
Mark my words are ever failing,
Where she has walked,
Showing me the universal attraction,
She embodies.

Girl of power to command me,
Sparkles like the rising sun,
Angel of deliverance,
Bringing reason into my world.
Saving love, of a butterfly
Captured in my being,
Everything becomes as love beheld,
My angel.