Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The doubting.

The Doubting.

Hang man, lets out his rope,
Forming a bow, looping the knot.
Strangle the flow,
Below, where love could be seen,
Oh crazy lover,
What a night this has been.

I strongly urge, no-one to feel,
Controlled by dread, doubts of love.
Lost under passion,
Somehow, where my strength had been,
Before doubt arrived,
I hope you'll know what I mean?

Courage fled, ran for the hills,
Took with it hope, for sanity's dream.
Balanced on steel,
Cool to the touch, drawing the crimson,
Fighting my demon,
Interloping to death and taking my reason.

Strong man, gone to the rabble,
Eaten by monsters, feasting on evil.
Rancid in mind,
Deafening, rousing no tender response,
My crazy reasons,
Are something that nobody else wants.

Pale skin, sullen for the trauma,
Body racked and twisted, fallen again.
Causing this riot,
Addiction, that I cannot hold onto,
The candle flickers,
Despite knowing that I'll always want you.

Lights going out, darkness surrounds me,
Fumbling with better, sounder reasons.
Tipping the scales,
In the direction, always heavily left,
Discovers the causes,
Of all the whys, I am always bereft.

A weakness, inside the void of mind,
Spills over reality, destroying soundness.
Properly lost now,
Demented, the madness of this soul,
Stealing a capacity,
To be aware of what made me whole.

Quantifying, leads to more insanity,
Rationality is weak, under this mountain.
Man of love,
Struggles to, remain in charge of life,
Tested in faith,
Dangling his manhood over that knife.

No certainty, will come to save me,
Unless I know you, over some time.
Escaping is freedom,
Release, but for a while I can rest,
Being in love,
Is not the easier option, to this I attest.