Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hiding from myself.

Hiding from myself.

Where I see light,
a freedom from denial,
many would say I'm wrong,
that my activities are vile.

How could I really hide,
the person that I am being,
if I came out, the closet open,
would not, my friends go fleeing?

Honesty can be a sword,
two edges of aspect to slice,
leave my secrets on display,
where the results be not so nice.

The choice is mine alone,
to live a life of real integrity,
be open to ridicule, sneering,
where people would make fun of me.

Dragging my heels allows,
my fantasy to be my way,
where I could fantasize relief,
the days where I'd be gay.

Hiding what is best for me,
would never be a safety net,
dressed up in frilly wrappings,
would only desperation me beget.

So let me be resolved,
to find peace within my soul,
living truth before the deceit,
and make honesty my goal.

I may not be absolved,
but I can walk with pride,
when I am master of myself,
I shall never have to lie or hide....