Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Gently, the horsed knight,
Grips the chalice, the prize.
Riding on despite the sun,
For hope is in his eyes.

Fighting for a worthy cause,
Is what sets him apart.
Suited armour for the tests,
Will help to guard his heart.

Filled with passion for the love,
That makes him journey here.
Gives the brave and gentle man,
No need to live for fear.

Crossing boundaries, barriers, miles,
He rides forever moving on.
Towards the sun and his reward,
Before his time away be gone.

Messenger is part his cause,
To bring a resounding cheer.
Boldly going into the desert,
Where the message will become clear.

Along the banks of refreshment,
He rides to spread the news.
His words are mightier than the sword,
They can take away our blues.

He is an angel of the good news,
Riding on a pristeen white steed.
And he carries the cup of gold,
If his messages we shall head.