Monday, October 29, 2012

At the edge of darkness....

At the edge of darkness....

It's oh so quiet.
A silence hangs morbidly,
Waiting to pounce in travesty,
Of this cold collective presence.
I feel so very nervous,
Yet hold my grip on sanity.
All the night creatures wait,
Something is out there,
Out here, with me, and thee....

Pressure from the silent hours,
Collapse and cause me doubt.
Afraid I am to walk,
Where others fear to stalk.
And the darkness covers me,
Shows me a way to be.
But I cannot be true,
If I cave in and take you,
Your life's not mine to hold.

I spy a ray of light,
Across the darkened sky,
And here I wonder why,
I'd fell and what I'll do.
Being open to the light,
Negates my want of darkness
So taking you to stand besides,
Is this not treachery to be,
When I should let things be?

Cupids arrow and his aim,
Are finding me in his target.
I want to run, avoid deceit,
But darkness grabs me forcefully.
Take hold of life beyond the dark,
Where devils fear to tread,
I tell myself despite this love,
I'll suffer in the end of days,
But will have lived for what love's worth.