Tuesday, October 09, 2012

In Durham Dungeon Durham Castle.

In Durham Dungeon
Durham Castle.

I had no trial,
Lest the walking I have done.
Listening I, to the call of love,
Intuition saw a way to share.
I came in a silver carriage,
Drawn by unseen horses,
Driven by an angel in spirit.
Taken in freedom to thy cell,
My Gaoler a kindly one,
Who spared me a painful time.
But here I sit now,
In the lowest heart of her,
The castle built upon this hill.
Durham shone before me,
And I cried for all this joy,
To be worthy of my justice.
From here I know a truth,
That comes from loving life,
This Gaol shall end all strife.

For Fran.