Monday, October 01, 2012

Whispering Grass.

Whispering Grass.

Bend ye to the floor,
A breeze is rushing through.
I can hear a voice beneath,
All of this Hullabaloo...

Telling me to count my days,
For love is coming in.
In a whisper oh so silently,
I find a clue what you begin...

Wild and free with daisy chains,
Your hair will be as gold.
Caught as quickly by the breeze,
Your secrets are being told...

Tell me more of my true love,
Your wisdom I shall hear.
Rustling in the sway of life,
I'll not fear what you draw near...

Skipping 'pon the timeless winds,
I see you shake and dance.
Courting me and all my heart,
How I love this arrogance...

Full of secrets to be told,
Come fill my heart with joy.
I ran some time between you then,
When I'd barely been a boy...

These days come all too quickly,
Where I have need of you.
The council of your bowing head,
In golden fields and skies of blue...

So tell me one last secret,
That I shall know her name.
I'll listen oh so carefully,
And know your happiness again...