Sunday, July 09, 2017

It rests in the stars.

It rests in the stars.

The morning, pure, delicate
And so full of eastern promise,
Power to bring the stars to align,
The day on which, you became mine.

A past, so empty, echoing,
The loss of hope became complete,
When all I knew failed to be,
More than heaven I could see.

Yes I said, release, bring glory,
Find me where an angel sleeps,
Bonded with the light of the moon,
Teased by cupid singing love’s tune.

Gifts arrive, sweet, sensational,
And so clear for the taking,
No I sense, it’s not love faking,
It’s beauty meant for the making.

Once in every lifetime comes,
Destiny, fate, serendipities purpose,
But I believe it tests alone,
All knowledge failing if left unknown.

Right crosses, wrong no advantage,
As cool the winds become changing,
Reverence to be bold of courage,
Sacred love that ends in marriage.

Reaps the harvest, sow seeds of joy,
Always live that truth you’ll know,
Wet the heads of babes a yellin’,
Where love is all desires tellin’.

Grand the sky, darkest of the dawn,
Feel your spirit to be reborn,
Don’t regret living, no mere pawn,
Take your chances, before they’re gawn….

Father time has waited, blessing,
None of this is lost on us,
Where the bounty fills our hunger,
As we knew, so much younger.

Starlight shone, heavens gave hope,
Always the reason we’d have to cope,
Instant life the thread of wonder,
Nothing to tear our love asunder.

Ancient fables, inspiring, creating change,
A powerful magic we now become,
You and I we knew of faith,
The world resounded, so full of grace.

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