Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Gypsy in Me!

The Gypsy in Me!

Somewhere on the distant horizons,
Moon spilled into my craving soul,
And the law of enduring love came,
To fill up a somewhat void, the hole.
‘Twas not a summer to be adored,
When the leaves came blowing round,
A light was quashed on something sweet,
And my feet firmly left the ground.

No-one knew the wanderer in me,
That idleness had kept beneath desire,
Nor that in the fleeting of the wind,
I’d return to living in loves own fire.
Fallen under the weight of living life,
Something stole my one true choice,
Sadly missed in my soul and joy,
Taking the power of a warriors’ voice.

Fixed rigid to any tiresome spot,
The gypsy lost a moment of power,
Told a story of the roving wind,
Could not hold him safe in any hour.
Bold his mission upon the earth,
Where he would spread the love of gold,
The type that fills the empty hearts,
Something special, to have and to hold.

Came the day the sunlight grew,
And spirit mounted a changing sky,
No-one knew the power that made,
Or the way the light would catch my eye.
Like an eagle the love broke free,
And flew to the mountains of bliss,
Dared to appreciate the gift of freedom,
And some of the passion he’d miss.