Sunday, February 21, 2016

Confused .Com


The world we have created
Has gone mad,
Stark, raving mad.
And you who thought
To save an ounce of time,
To feed the lonely more,
Something to keep the wolf
From kicking down your door.
What tales can you tell?
I wonder did your
Love feel the pangs,
Of how a word
Undid your trust again,
Especially in the reasons
That make a difference
To mainly sympathetic men.
Should it be known
The light of truth still shines,
Despite a fog descending
Over what you hold so dear,
For someone who judged
Would not devote a tear.
Could this foible
Be somehow still overlooked?
And call the sign of peace,
Into the arena of desire,
Where you could know
The unstoppable fire,
And all good news
Roll back the hands of time,
Where you could indicate
Everything was fine.