Friday, February 19, 2016

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations

From out of our mouths
Can pass the whole world of
Truth and hope of love unfolding.
Or it can reduce to evil, vile
And bitter detritus bathed in hate.
So it is beholden upon us,
To use this implement wisely,
For much merit is placed on words.

Truly it would be much wiser,
If we’d filter out the whinging,
The sounds of negative reaction
To the game of our lives.
In the silence is a chance to
Hear a greater reason, than the
One that comes from incessant
Chatter, as we do our nitter natter.

Talking for the sake of talking,
Breathes a note of obsession.
Think before you speak to others,
And make your words reflect
The message that they’ll carry.
Fill the world with joy and passion,
To make the resonance of peace,
Rise to the notice of one and all.

Listen too when others are talking,
Feel the truth behind their words,
Share a hope for love becoming
All we’ll need to heal the world.
Best not speak if hate will carry,
Sadness to the one who receives.
Be the change and act with courage,
Speak the truth in every way.