Sunday, September 22, 2013

Could I Tell Her ?

  Could I Tell Her ?

Brimming with the wisdom,
Life has made me come to sound,
Should I venture into danger,
Or retire to safer higher ground ?
Devoid of heavens power,
All I feel is bound into my song,
Though I've known a joy to live,
Leaving her alone has felt so wrong.

Effigy around my head,
Has told me not to right a wrong,
For all the love within my heart,
Couldn't fix the bad deed done.
Life has furnished blessings,
To see me right and bequeathed a love,
So never could I fail to praise,
What was sent me from above.

Incredible the feeling grows,
When I have held her tender hands,
Walked with love and light beside,
Making journeys across fragile lands.
We have known contentment,
That was more sweet than anything,
How do I unveil my longing,
To be the one to wear her ring ?

Indeed time is passing,
Swifter than the seasons changing,
Every day holds out a purpose new,
For how my love she is engaging.
Reward is sweet unabiding,
And I flood with tears of joy,
So could I tell her boldly,
That her love I must employ ?