Thursday, September 26, 2013

Slaves of Freedom.

Desperately we pray,
Some days are like fun,
Love flows but even then,
We don't understand the evil,
That our wanting has done.

Fuelled by the greed,
To abandon sense of reason,
Fall into disgracefulness and piety,
Finding no hope, only despair,
From each act of what we've become.

Bound into slavery,
Again to the chains of fear,
Never really aware of others,
Our bonds into the divine,
And the people we draw so near.

Sodom and Gomorrah,
We have brought into life,
Ruled by the darkness of pain,
Giving us no reflection of love,
Impaled upon our wicked knife.

Glorifying the wicked,
For they take nothing less,
Believing in the misconceived truth,
Stealing reasonable applications to laws,
Where we now wallow in this mess.

Shackled for eternity,
To a desire to destroy goodness,
The rocky road into Hades be,
Pulling for a will of enmity,
Matrix versus the woman in red dress.

Assuring our destruction,
Should we fail to act to change,
This type of freedom causes loss,
Where we become manacled again,
Yet don't notice something strange....