Friday, July 13, 2012

Seeing you this way.

Seeing you this way.

I'm so glad I came,
that I forced myself to come.
Despite the time, the distance,
I had wanted to see you again.
I wanted to say that the past,
recently disturbed was to be forgotten.
No money, no row, no lovers,
no family, no misunderstandings,
would hold me back this time.

Friendship such as these come,
so few times in a life,
and I have never forgotten at all,
the ways in which you'd cared.
Though a set of unpredictable,
and divisory circumstances arrived,
I never wanted to be estranged,
even if my attitude often changed.
And I've sadly missed you friend.

Time is enough for doubts,
I came to clear the air,
set our minds towards a truth,
you are always being truly loved.
I acted foolishly, without a clue,
of what our friendship meant to you.
I wonder too, can you forgive me,
for not setting things straight,
bordering on the accusing melody of hate ?

But here in the cold light of day,
I am so saddened to see you this way.
A person so vital, normally so strong,
dropped to a fragile, weezy shadow.
I hang close to brimming with tears,
yet weakened and facing new fears.
Remembering your strength through the years,
this tragedy, what that bastard cancer wrought,
I watch on as this battle you fought...

Richard died 2 days after I wrote this poem.