Friday, July 13, 2012


for Richard.

His voice I fail to recognise,
I try desperately to conceive,
The many other reasons he'd call.
You came to see Dad, he's at peace now,
glad to see, one last time, your happy face.”

I cannot breath,
Hands of ice gripping my heart.
Tears well, swiftly to sting,
To accuse me again my lack.
He's gone as a candle snubbed,
Lost to our loving embraces.

Heart stopped, clock ticking, silence,
Then tears of aching,
Stinging fury, flooding my face,
My friend has flown to grace.

Ages pass and I cry,
The echo along the line,
I pray his children time,
Wish my love could heal this crime.
Robbed of one we loved,
A friend who always cared,
never lacked in what he shared.

Deafening the noiseless pain,
I'll never see him again.
Smile, receive his light,
Share a tender word unheard.
Oh friend I'll miss you now,
But we'll have to cope somehow.
To reveal the pact we shared,
I pray you'd knew I cared.

The love was in your eyes,
Laughter your final words.
You will never ever be forgotten,
Though I'll miss you something rotten.