Saturday, August 04, 2012

Its been a while now.

Its been a while now.

God I miss you.

Heard a laugh oft yonder,
'twas a trace of you,
my heart grew a little fonder.

How time has flown away,
your smile, gifts to another,
but I'd wished you'd stay.

Her stature, was once yours,
I caught a dream alive,
knew the greatest ever applause.

Happily I 'd caught your eye,
stole a moment from love,
before you slowly walked on bye.

How you had lifted me,
a girl so damned pretty,
and a spirit always free.

Hope I had once felt,
captured in a whirlwind scent,
divine, a goddess how you smelt.

Hovering as a spectral light,
we made such love again,
ten days, and then every night.

Hocus pocus was your spell,
but who would blame me,
as into splendid love I fell.

Horrible the day you left,
I cried so sadly barely slept,
was never before, this bereft.

God I miss you.....