Friday, March 03, 2017

You’re my, One.

      You’re my, One.

Soul in the very heart,
You steal the breath of me,
In all of my life alone,
I know you come to set me free.

Sweetest dreams of passion,
Wrapped up in such perfect grace,
Abundance of the mystery here,
As I adore your smiling face.

Scented as the forest glade,
A meadow of flowers you bring,
Under this calm appearance see,
How a desire has made me sing.

Shout and raise me up,
You fill me higher and higher,
You’re even better than the real thing,
And you set my heart on fire.

Shinning like the morning sun,
I’m blinded by your open light,
I’ve fallen quicker than sense allows,
And I’m without the urge to fight.

Shivers rise along my spine,
The feelings for you become intense,
All I know is love has arrived,
No more time for sitting on the fence.

Surely you feel this too,
As we let our emotions run,
Is it really too hard to believe,
It is you, you’re my, one…!