Friday, March 03, 2017

Fixing a leaky valve

     Fixing a leaky valve

Your voice has the power,
To move me in so many ways,
It both excites my ardour,
And is like a fire hose that sprays.
Collateral damage in the game,
Where attractions rise beyond desire,
Holy Christ you are amazing,
My whole body set on fire.

The tools for the job,
Are really going to be tested, yes,
There will no doubt be leakage,
And we’ll end up in a sticky mess.
But if we keep up the pressure,
To stem the flow of desolation,
Our passion to make it all right,
Could bring relief to the frustration.

At the well head again,
I see the flowing of pleasure,
You’ve surrendered to your fate,
And given me something to measure.
I have to be roughly bold,
To go down, deep inside the bore,
A test of my manly mettle,
I hear you begging for more.

Whatever the initial cause,
This beauty is about to explode,
Wrestling with a leviathan now,
That threatens to be rode.
Fireworks creating loves rainbows,
Caused by what has been held,
“Get here and fix this problem”,
Is what I hear being yelled…!