Monday, January 09, 2017

Who’s that Girl ?

Who’s that Girl ?

Catch my breath
And hold my heart,
I’m blown away now,
Where the loving feelings start.

Happier in life
Than I have been,
The stirring of desire,
Based solely on what I’ve seen.

Actions of wanting
To be held so tightly,
On the divan of love,
Beneath stars shining brightly.

Romance and passion,
More than any I’ve known,
Here in the wonderland of hope,
That knowing you has shown.

Lift me higher
Than the deep blue sky,
Floating on the dream clouds,
Because of how you’d caught my eye.

Owing to pleasure,
I’m fallen under your spell,
Something about this provocative girl,
Her light, her presence, her smell.

Take me now
Show me how to be,
Held in the breast of heat,
Where our love runs free.

Too much joy
Fills me to overflow,
Walking in your abundant light,
Shows me how true love can grow.

Everything is open,
Through the power of giving,
Happy in the knowledge shared,
When together we are really living….!