Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The forbidden fruit still calling me.

The forbidden fruit still calling me.

You may wonder if I while does my eye still fondle thee,
And shall my heart beat yet faster then, whence I long,
Beyond the stars of heavens open, where I may hold thee,
A place fonder than a tiny jewel, sparkling with a future
Eye, and peace in knowing secrets of thy making, often taking
Never faking but for love.

Again such fruit I’ll eat my fill, so sweetly thy smile
Has stolen me to be at sea, adrift on ocean, a locomotion,
Train to comfort on our hill, scents and potions catching us
Creating still more thrill, where love and passion never wains,
Often builds up again, so no-one loses yet must gain,
A friend for time eternal.

Seeing how fond the wind does stroke thee, amazes even
I, for once I made a pact with god, to send me grace
A pleasing companion with sweet and cherished face, he made me
Notice, ever more this notion, how even perfection was still
Perfection if eyes were mine, to see through time and space,
True beauty before thine eyes.

Of soul to soul encountered deeply, once more evolving how
We tenderise our minds, for on the waves we misbehave, roll
The dice for something more than nice, A tad refreshing over ice,
Kept behind New revelations, from where we knew a way to
Dance, take one more sensual evening for soft romance, a
Simple pleasure again, perchance.

Strong have been the stirrings of my loins, rubbed golden coins,
Hold my hands and Grip the ferrel exposing shiny metal,
Happy we could simply feel that glowing Evaporating steel,
Natures way to make us kneel, and embrace the love within,
That builds and binds, and dips and grinds, blows more
Than minds of us as lovers.

I’ll not forget how Love can still fight to blind me,
Nor enter in my heart yet bold, so get behind me, where
Malice never ever, is Allowed to bind, for here within the
Place I’m speaking, all time for eternal praising became a
Fact of how amazing, you are in thine eyes, thine heart, and

On thine proverbial tongue.