Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hot, Hot, Hot- Cold, Cold, Colder. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrugh!!

Hot, Hot, Hot- Cold, Cold, Colder.

In the deep midwinter,
I have looked around to see,
How the love is being found,
Stored so deep beneath the ground.
Ickle, little seeds are rising,
Nothing new or law surprising.
But what has grown for you and I,
Is not cooled by wind nor rain,
Nor does it melt in summers’ heat,
I find your love is always sweet.
Shivers caused not by the ice,
I smile because you’re oh so nice,
And blow me softer to melt my
Heart, made softer in your arms.

In the winter of my discontent,
You always knew just what I meant,
When the days grew short and dark,
We danced alone outside the park.
Still is kept that frozen wasteland,
Once your spirit outgrew that bandstand,
Never to escape this fate,
Where you and I knew how to mate.
Bold as brass the monkey’s singing,
Nuts are lost of caution ringing.
Seized the day to learn affection,
Braced the chill of loves rejection.
Maiden of a proverbial icicle,

She even stole my fucking bicycle…!