Sunday, March 29, 2015

The taste of Bounty.

The taste of Bounty.

Here I go out on a limb,
Are my thoughts becoming dim?
Do we all have power to be,
What we choose, to become free?
I do know, this urge to find,
Something greater than just my mind,
Lay on feathers soft and bitter,
When I would love our babysitter.

Older than the force of father time,
The urge for heat that came sublime.
Don the cap of a youthful man,
Eating the fruits of love if I can.
Spellbound ‘neath the sweat of grace,
I came to see this, on that sweet face.
Soft as silk and held much fonder,
We rode on air into the wild blue yonder.

Maid for a day to eat forever,
It don’t impress nor is it clever,
So no-one gained in this sweet vibe,
All on the notion of what I’ll scribe.
Be empowered for change to drive,
And build in love how we’d survive.
Drawn in minds of paler fettle,
She oiked aloft her shinning kettle.

Banging storm has blown my mind,
And on the floor my arse you’ll find,
Kicked and beaten till black from blue,
I’ll never know if I’d made two.
Victory has made me somewhat gentle,
Just to prove I’m mad or raving mental.
Gone the silence of how I’m winning,
It don’t matter as long I’m grinning….