Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Effect of Dreaming.

The Effect of Dreaming.

Pale to find a moon,
On seven years cycle,
Under air and sky alone,
Filled for all eternity,
Somewhere sweet
A promised fantasy!

Gone the power,
Lost my strength to run,
I move again, once more,
Something less than
I’ve become, of wild
And open contemplation.

Simple pleasures finding space,
Running on an open hill,
Into the arms of grace,
Fond for peace and harmony,
Sometime really soon,
Knocking knees I swoon!

Give me love,
Let our hearts embrace,
You know this face,
And tease me always,
Something rotten,
Driven crazy by desire.

Lord have mercy on my
Soul, from where this hole,
Knows not how to fill,
Or save me mental ill,
Somebody with charisma,
And in my dreams I’ll kiss her!