Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jamaica’s Son.

Jamaica’s Son.

Sublime in Trenchtown rhythm,
Three little birds were singing,
Hope of love becoming abundant,
Called forth a peace he’d bring in.
Mithered not by making money,
All his words reflected a truth,
Even though he fought with courage,
Despite his being yet in youth.

Deep indeed his depth of knowledge,
Proved in action, peace his cause,
He showed how to move a mountain,
Sharing love this iron lion roars.
Gifted more than most of men,
He strove to herald peace on earth,
Singing reggae in his last hours,
He showed us love and what it’s worth.

So don’t worry, ‘bout a thing’,
‘Cos every little thing’s gonna start,
The movement of his peaceful way,
Was motivated from deep within his heart.
He loved Jah who taught us patience,
And never forgot to praise his name.
Even when so many people loved him,
He wouldn’t fall to the drug of fame.

Nine mile, was heaven to this son,
Of a nation to nation, toured with song.
Full of light and love of nature,
And to a simplicity of life, he’d belong.
Finally crowned, the ‘king of Rasta’,
Bob was worthy to preach right from wrong.
He lived his truth and never wavered,
Showing how our world, can live as ONE!

Check out this song and know the love Bob was talking about.