Sunday, February 02, 2014

I think you're amazing.!

I think you're amazing.!

God has sent an angel,
A treat to feast my eyes.
How she weeps to surrender,
This beauty from his sight.

Creation brought me angel,
A light of such reward.
God has loved me tenderly,
To bless with one so right.

More awesome is my angel,
A grace to fill my waking.
Before such sculpted beauty bright,
My legs go weak, I'm shaking.

Dance for me this angel,
A ballad she sings my heart.
Something truly mine in love,
Her eyes ignite desire sparks.

God made a perfect angel,
A presence of love supreme.
She gave me my angel,
A response to all my dreams.

Grateful to receive my angel,
A prize beyond earthly compare.
Live a life without regret,
And let wind blow through our hair.

God so loved this angel,
A pure example of design.
She sent her down to earth,
Where she could be all mine.

Love created for me an angel,
A fire with passions blazing.
Just one thing left to recognise,
Amen, I think you're amazing..!