Sunday, February 02, 2014



I believe,
one day not far away,
you and I shall know love.
Not the love of mistrust,
but the love that comes
from being adored.

I believe,
we could make hay
together whilst sun glorifies,
and the rain blesses,
and you and I caress
the love we share.

I believe,
no man can tear asunder,
this love as loud as thunder,
though it will not come
as easy as the wind,
into our hearts again.

I believe,
we can share this hope,
for love to save our souls.
Someday high upon the light,
where we believe in all
that makes it right.

I believe,
you'll have to taste it,
before you can understand love.
This filament of light arriving,
no-one knows better than
across it's long horizon.

I believe,
we're destiny bound as one,
to reach true Nirvana.
Come the day of countenance,
where every being here
shall know this dance....

I believe. Yes I believe...!