Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gone by so quickly !

   Gone by so Quickly..!

These old streets are still singing,
Aloud the tunes of the pilgrims,
Here and there an echo comes,
Of the time that has flown by.
Santiago does still welcome give,
Her heart is set on giving love,
Now and then between these walls,
I’ve felt the saints would talk to me.

Whilst the years have rolled along,
Time it seems has kept to time,
Filled with shapes of things to come,
Yet holding onto the ghosts it’s made.
Had we laughed so long since past?
And did we romp on sands at all?
Where has time gone since we were?
And what became of promises made?

In Derby shadowed by the Compostela,
Time stands tall returned to when,
Clouds had formed from both sides now,
To spell the end for you and I.
Such is life when we are guarded,
Fallen to the way we ought to be,
Nothing moves under the heavens,
Unless love grows and forms a home.

Long I’ve travelled to betroth honour,
Found in me some space and time,
Courage to be daring came relentless,
Where love became a master plan.
Take good care as you go on walking,
Feel the light that calls you home,
A mystery that brings no real answer,
Is here but goes so quickly by…!