Sunday, December 28, 2014

Snow is Freedom.

Snow is Freedom.

Tumbling on the whim of mine,
A flurry of white shall billow bye,
Causing hope to rise and call,
And I am alive behind the eye.
Fallen to a fate worse than death,
Life was full as now the sky,
Cold and broken a hand in fate,
Nothing saved, for me left to try.

Outward blown into the distance,
Ran and danced on time gone bye,
Delivered the reason to hide my shame,
Beneath what drifts now in my eye.
Covered in blankets beneath the rage,
Torment has broken a blizzard sky,
Away from helplessness about my fate,
I resist the tear of this fear I try.

Once where we began our lives,
A cage left empty I passed you bye,
Caught for all to see my crime,
No love, no respect escapes your eye.
Brighter in a day blown by caring,
Blinded in a force beyond pale sky,
Hard and frosted, iced to my core,
I trudge no distance though I try.

Unlike my fate, you're free to go,
Snow set down, long times gone bye.
Dispatched with empathy for a life,
See how these jewels now catch my eye.
Who has tasted ever such freedom,
 A snow filled heaven beneath the sky,
Where I watch in wonder to change,
Beaten in battle if ever I'll then try.

Dedicated to: Musical Artist
Tracey Curtis @ The Green Gathering.
Chepstow 2014

‘The story of the prisoner.’