Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Amazing Stories.

        Amazing Stories.

Flow the tide of pilgrims,
so many arriving each blessed day,
coming in from far and from near,
some to behold the spectacle, others to pray.
From dread and fear of the road,
they all braved the challenge ahead,
a flood of voices in many tongues,
following the lines of history we tread.

A brotherhood made in love,
like a miracle to heal mankind,
some strange elixir of united nations,
upon the Camino de Santiago you'll find.
Arriving with such a variety,
of amazing stories they have to share,
the beauty of love held in their eyes,
is how we prove that we still care.

Lift the will of caring,
to breath hope of peace for all,
here the throngs are calling out,
a micro nation of people walking tall.
Through the plains and mountains,
come the messages of a new day,
one where we shall all rejoice,
so many stars have shone along the way.

Stories of hope to conquer,
and some of our loved ones passed,
many of reward in times of doubt,
are the tales of these people amassed.
And now in Plaza de Obradoiro,
are the sparkling jewels of the way,
each one has carried a hefty stone,
that troubles, they can now cast away...