Monday, October 06, 2014

Over the Oceans.

    Over the Oceans.

This love I'm feeling
Has come long and far to me.
It is wider than the ocean,
And it brings promises to be.
Brotherhood can hold us,
And will make our spirits new,
No matter what our colour,
Just as long as our will, be true.

Something more than profit,
Has filled my eyes with tears.
This love has brought us abundance,
And it shall carry away all fears.
Take a pilgrim hand,
And walk the way of stars,
Feel the courage to breathe desire,
Acknowledge the love that can be ours.

People from all nations,
Bring the Camino route alive.
Walking through the sun and rain,
They've shown a spirit to survive.
Did you not imagine,
That peace of humanity would win?
Have you ever felt such love,
When we have come to know our kin?

Watch the holy pilgrims,
Who brave elements to walk along.
Catch the love behind our eyes,
And hear the joy in our song.
Never flood or tempest,
Can break our will to conquer,
Find the way of pilgrims path,
It's a true love if you want her...

           'El Camino'