Thursday, September 25, 2014

Swinging both ways.....

Swinging both ways.....

As frequently objective
As I can ultimately be.
As bold to be polite,
As rough as the Arctic sea.

Being dutifully romantic,
Being so outwardly gay.
Being bent on doing my best,
Being awake for most of the day.

Caught in fields of doubt,
Caught with my pants down.
Caught behaving extremely well,
Caught dressed, in her ball gown.

Doing only what is right,
Doing all I'd love to do.
Doing what is naughty, what is nice,
Doing it all between the two.

Expecting to be scolded,
Expecting to be caught short.
Expecting that I'll testify against,
Expecting to be doing what I ought.

Freedom to create desire,
Freedom to know a sexual heat.
Freedom to be late for work,
Freedom in choosing what I eat.

Growing into something bigger,
Growing whilst I sleep at night.
Growing straight and tall and rigid,
Growing playful as we fit in tight.

Holding onto outdated logics,
Holding hope of a love to come.
Holding hands as we get excited,
Holding release to make it fun.

Idle to the thoughts of needing,
Idle for the pain we toss away.
Idle is the want of missing,
Idle to the way that makes us gay.

Joy will be the outer limit,
Joy can save our wilted souls.
Joy will be the name of passion,
Joy can fill the vacant holes.

Kissing breathes a heightened yearning,
Kissing blows my mind away.
Kissing all the sweetest parts,
Kissing black and white and making gray.

Love is giving hands to touch,
Love will grind my fears to dust.
Love can grow into a fearsome giant.
Love can be marble like her bust.

Mounting frenzy comes to surrender,
Mounting a wild stallion exceeds desire.
Mounting pressure to release a moment,
Mounting the volcano of living fire.

Nobody knows how greed can muster,
Nobody believed they'd lose control.
Nobody left their blouse unbuttoned,
Nobody came until they'd reached a goal.

Overload to find a happy medium,
Overload indeed to be set free.
Overload of power built within you,
Overload of love, inside of me.

Placed on top of burning bodies,
Placed into the hope of this release.
Placed like jelly onto trifle,
Placed into the world of no dis-ease.

Quiet when the heat has wandered,
Quiet in the lull of passions heat.
Quiet when I lay beside you,
Quiet once you have eaten sweet.

Robbed of breath by pure longing,
Robbed of power to be just myself.
Robbed by doubts of who I'm being,
Robbed if you'd be left on a shelf.

Sure of light that fills my body,
Sure of lust that drives me wild.
Sure that energy is created in heaven,
Sure my swinging cannot yet be beguiled.

Teased to taste tempting treats tonight,
Teased to find my soul on fire.
Teased by love to grow enormous,
Teased to be yet flying higher.

Used as fodder for his cannon,
Used to be desired in holy light.
Used in ways unspoken by a prophet,
Used my power to create what's right.

Vision will be kept in colours,
Vision of the best way to let go.
Vision can express my yearnings,
Vision of the erotic way you blow.

Waiting never brought much blessing,
Waiting on you to be caressing.
Waiting whilst I watch you dressing,
Waiting to be with you, just messing.

Xena warrior princess of desire,
Xena the girl burnt by this fire.
Xena darling can take me higher,
Xena who scorched me in her pyre.

Yearning to be bold as brass,
Yearning to have touched that …
Yearning to be made of stronger stuff,
Yearning to have known her near enough.

Zeitgeist to be fond of friendship,
Zeitgeist how my swinging saved me.
Zeitgeist of the view to be exotic,
Zeitgeist for the way I'll now be.

'26 verses of ridiculous turns of phrase.'