Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Rebel.

       The Rebel.

No rebellion ever began,
Without a view of travesty.
Some crime of lovelessness,
Rained down upon you and me.

So shall we obey
And be contained by them?
Or do we fight
For the freedom of love again?

I am no soldier
Except that I fight for good.
I am no rebel
If not exposing all the falsehood.

I create no danger
Except to the evil in men.
The love I give freely
Will help heal the world again.

If you see a rebel,
Perhaps change is what you've seen.
If you thought adversely
Maybe provoked is what you've been.

I hate the greed
That goes on daily before my eyes.
I dislike intensely too
The pollution reaching to the skies.

So please count me a rebel,
If I raise questions in your mind.
I'd be very happy
If you saw these issues defined.

Power to the people
For we fight to save mankind.
Rebel love to the people
Be brave, do good to others of our kind!

Whilst I admire the way Ernesto 'CHE' Guevara initially fought to oppose injustices he saw in South America, I am in no way favoured of his later day activities and use of weapons and other instruments in the pursuit of his and Castros shared aims. I abhor any kind of violence as a way to solve/resolve any issue. Much as Gandhi who fought violence with peaceful non-cooperation, I too believe this to be the only suitable and fair way to address any human conflict.
The poem is simply about LOVE and how to display such.