Saturday, July 26, 2014

Days of Thunder.

             Days of Thunder.

ozone peels into hatred.
Cold bone hammered flat,
scorched beneath space,
time flashes into daylight,
something awful,
something beyond white.

sky ripped and torn.
An ounce of anti-matter,
created or born?
Reeking the stench of power,
downpour precedes,
another tempestuous hour.

big bang theory proven.
Melted atoms lost design,
soup of a molten mass,
resounding under the dawn,
seasonal adjustments,
left mother earth forlorn.

onto nothing based in metal.
Ride the wildness raging,
define a new belief,
suffer if you'd live in grief,
riding waves,
on tortured reef.

alive in my minds eye.
Storm clouds blown away,
to another fearful high,
driven to renew the daylight,
moving onwards,
and far out of my sight.

fills, our rivers flooding.
Grieving left to homage,
like saturated mountain tops,
gushing love that never stops,
blown containers,
and devastated abundant crops.

nature beheld the violence.
Caused me and mine,
into states of fear and silence,
come again our home to plunder,
lives undone,
from days of thunder....